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The claim that accompanied the completion of the human genetic code inferred that "Everything that can be known about human life has been ascertained" for it to then be admitted that this advanced only the visible side of Life.

Excepting medical advancements, millennia of inferences over the Mind-side cause perceptions that are seldom accurate.

For Man to become sustainably viable however, it is a definitive understanding of this side that is imperative.

Well before the reading of the human genome, my research led to the fundamentals of the soundest aspects of this invisible side.

In that most perceptions are influenced by biases, mythologies and ideologies, the start-points to the absolutes were elusive. It was vital therefore to employ findings that were incontrovertible.

The results are ‘The fundamentals of the Mind-side’. They are worth sharing. This is because, being sound and impartial, they can improve the quality of Life.

The results were feasible because of understanding the construct of uniquely-powerful AI software, and the soundest of wisdom – a combination that very few people are aware of.

There remains no public awareness as of 2022.

As with the genetic code being in the public domain, the ideal is for these findings to be published.

Scrutiny would enable anyone to confirm that they are irreproachable.

The resources are needed to bring about meaningful delivery.

In the interim, I remain able to identify extracts that meet pressing needs.

They include:

That which can be embedded into Social Media to best-reduce abuse.

The inclusions to ensure that Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot run amok.

The absolutes for the human race to become sustainably viable.

The imperatives to mitigate damage to the Ecology.

Ensuring that the Internet becomes solely for common good.

In each instances, all output will be seen to be correct.

Additional to reducing the abuse of the Internet and other ITC, other extracts can serve elsewhere.

For example:

Reductions in child abuse.

Avoidance of, for example, teenage angst and violence.

Ensuring that no marriage/relationship/family unit need fail.

Advancements in Workplace Wellbeing.

Overcoming addictions.

Mitigation of productivity losses.

As with other examples, employment of only the most reliable components is involved.

Those interested are invited to make Contact.

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